How Many Distribution More?

*back to english*

Today I was reading a good article in Distrowatch, and suddenly I was shocked to know that Ubuntu Christian Edition is already issued. Standing as *yet another* distribution for Ubuntu, this phenomena is somehow made me think … As a Christian of course I was happy to know this, but as a Linux user and related to the article I read before my mind start to ask … when will this (humm, what should I call??) err… evolution stop? Or it won’t stop??
Lot of distribution, lot of choices, lot of negative and positive … humm, imagine you were at some toy shop and given choice between an original rubber duck, rubber duck with lights, rubber duck with mp3 player but no lights, rubber duck with silver wings, rubber duck with big head, and rubber duck with light,mp3 player,silver wings wich could assembled or disassembled together. Wich one will you pick?? I personally prefer rubber duck that could squack *hemm, there are no option for this huh? Well, then I’ll pick the original one and plug some squack machine on it* hehehehe …

Well, just a note, let not make this difference as an obstacle to spread the flavor of linux all over the world.

Last two day on Medan, I’ll be missin all of cute oriental girl I met here (eventough I don’t know their name *lol*) … this city surely a semi-heaven to me (since I’ve never been in Tokyo or Seoul, and I don’t like it’s spicy food) *lol*

*tired of english*

One thought on “How Many Distribution More?

  1. wahh keren2,
    eh tadi abis liat2 di ternyata udah ada yang mulai menterjemahkan Ubuntu ke dalam bahasa Jawa šŸ™‚ top jug tuuh… *gak nyambung yah*

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