Alternative place for new DEB packages

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usAre you tired in googling, downloading and compiling all those new packages that not showed up in our beloved repositories?? Well, you may try searching the packages on, coz it have what you need most. You even could found Inkscape 0.44.1 (just released on September 14th) and Gaim 2.0beta3!!! Well, doesn’t believe that it’s true?? Check it out yourself dude …

Little bit of history, I found this link on, when I was trying to find answer why my Inkscape was always crash after doing some update on Dapper. And who would knows that I found this little piece of heaven here huehuehue …

PS: I hope the site maintainer won’t complaining I’m doin some publication for his place. If there is any complain, hhh … rm this_blog -f dah … hehhee …

3 thoughts on “Alternative place for new DEB packages

  1. I am not complaining 😛

  2. Thanks dude, keep the good work there 🙂

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