Here I am, trying to use Drivel as a blog-machine from my notebook to this blog. I must admit that this tool is cool, and the GTK style … ooouuuchhh … my oh my … each and everyday the temptation to cross the line between KDE and Gnome is getting bigger. If Gnome keep the “beautification-evolution movements” and KDE 4 is still “under-construction position”, you might found me installing Ubuntu instead of Kubuntu on the next release (ough … maybe 7.07???). Okay, maybe you all wonderin why I still stuck on KDE … here are some …

There are no great file manager on Gnome
Altough Nautilus has been evolved pretty good, I still prefer Konqueror because it is so scalable, easy to use, tab-browsing support and much more. Maybe PCMan File Manager could become alternative for Nautilus.

Every music player on Gnome has no Equalizer
Okay, maybe I miss the place but you could say rithymbox and other have no equalizer on it. Pretty bad huh … *waiting the news from Exaile!*

KDE is lighter than Gnome
Humm … maybe not on the 3.5.5 release and of course this is user specific problem.

KMail (plus Kontact) rocks!!!!
Well … just my humble opinion. Other may prefer Evolution or Thunderbird.

and many more …..

And why I didn’t install both of them?? Huhuhu … because I must install everything that have a relation with gnome too, and I hate that ^^


Everything Canceled

Sssshhh … seems I’ve been so quiet this month huh? Everyone’s blog is talking about Edgy, Compiz, Ajax, Web 2.0, and many more while I’m stuck here with my daily activities. It somehow made me lost my appetite to write. Ah well, I must write somehow, I must write …

Tonight I’m gonna depart to Medan (again, yeah yeah yeah ….) until end of the month. Wew, you maybe think that I will enjoy this trip again, but errrr no …. This month there are two big “party” that I’ll missed because of this trip. The first is Jogjakarta Japan Art Festival and the second one is Edgy Release Party.

*doin nothing for about 15 minutes … see!!! I already lost my will to write :(( *

Ah well, better goin home and get prepared to work again … slurp ….