Here I am, trying to use Drivel as a blog-machine from my notebook to this blog. I must admit that this tool is cool, and the GTK style … ooouuuchhh … my oh my … each and everyday the temptation to cross the line between KDE and Gnome is getting bigger. If Gnome keep the “beautification-evolution movements” and KDE 4 is still “under-construction position”, you might found me installing Ubuntu instead of Kubuntu on the next release (ough … maybe 7.07???). Okay, maybe you all wonderin why I still stuck on KDE … here are some …

There are no great file manager on Gnome
Altough Nautilus has been evolved pretty good, I still prefer Konqueror because it is so scalable, easy to use, tab-browsing support and much more. Maybe PCMan File Manager could become alternative for Nautilus.

Every music player on Gnome has no Equalizer
Okay, maybe I miss the place but you could say rithymbox and other have no equalizer on it. Pretty bad huh … *waiting the news from Exaile!*

KDE is lighter than Gnome
Humm … maybe not on the 3.5.5 release and of course this is user specific problem.

KMail (plus Kontact) rocks!!!!
Well … just my humble opinion. Other may prefer Evolution or Thunderbird.

and many more …..

And why I didn’t install both of them?? Huhuhu … because I must install everything that have a relation with gnome too, and I hate that ^^

2 thoughts on “TestDrivel

  1. yup… i haven’t find a music player that i love for gnome. I used to use BMP, but somehow it didn’t work for me anymore. I have tried, Banshee and BMPx, still i don’t love it yet. But now I use banshee more often. Btw, thanks for the Exaile link 😀

  2. […] not equipped with equalize, but then I was suprized. Exaile now have it’s own equalizer!!! As you may already knew, this was one of the factor why I’m never stick with gnome/xfce for long. But now … […]

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