Cool Yahoo Avatar on your desktop

Hey guys, do you know that you can pick two Yahoo! Avatar and put them on your desktop? Well, using this theme called Yahoo Avatars from Superkaramba you could do that. Here are some preview on my desktop … hech hech hech … guess who is the girl next to me ^^

My Cute Little Desktop

Try it and put some fun on your desktop … Until then … keep freedom alive!!!!

Blogged with Flock


Scim and Sunbird

Hurray, the pressure is gone…. This morning I gave some presentation about Ubuntu as Desktop at STMIK Amikom Jogjakarta. Not quite good as this is my first time giving a presentation in front of 200 peoples, but overall I gave my best for it. I tell them about Ubuntu, the philosophy behind it, and why Ubuntu is good for a begineer. Oh … another thing is, wow … there are lot of “cutey honey” at Amikom, can’t wait to go there again someday ^^

*no no no … I don’t want to talk about my presentation hihihihi … just wait for the photos (if there any)*

Okay, last Sunday I downloaded Sunbird and tried to make it run .. but it wont runT_T. There always this message appear after few seconds line 131: 5097 Segmentation fault "$prog" ${1+"$@"}

And I’m pretty confident that the same message did appear when I tried to run Firefox 2.0 in this same machine. So I started to think that this must have something to do with one of package installed in my notebook. Well, and after some googling I found out that the SCIM package is currently the single suspect for it. It is currently called everytime I tried to run sunbird. And the big thing is : It also happened on flock, thunderbird, firefox, and also acroread. Okay, being rushed I removed all package that have a SCIM on it (scim-canna, scim-anthy, and (oh how fool I am) skim) … and (again, how fool I am) it crashed my KDE. Oh well, after reinstalling scim and it’s family I found another way to prevent SCIM being loaded on calling sunbird. Just add this line of code after first line on sunbird executable script:


And here you go, Sunbird is running again. The same thing goes to Firefox 2.0 and Acrobat Reader.

*aahh … stil imagine the master of ceremony* ^^

Yet Another “Downloading Youtube File” Tips

Hi guys … here me again, with some recipe of how to save youtube video after you watch it.

Ingridients :

  1. Linux *of course*
  2. Mozilla Firefox (I didn’t support another coz this recipe is specific to it)
  3. Working Konsole
  4. Working clock
  5. ffmpeg (if you want to convert those flv’s to mpg’s)

How to cook :

  1. Open youtube and watch the video.
  2. After the video is completely downloaded,  check the time and remember it.
  3. It’s time to search for the cache file. For your information, firefox usually place the cache file in ~/mozilla/firefox/[some fuzzy-named directory, like mine is: jkxj5z89.default]/Cache/. Search the file by using this command : ls -la | grep [the_time_you_remember], ie: ls -la | grep 10:22. The file is usually sized more than 5Mb so keep an eye for this kind of file.
  4. After you get the file, convert it to mpeg using ffmpeg (this is also usable to check wether the file is the right media file), ie: ffmpeg -i CE1916F8d01 Yunnie-8-Karaoke.mpg
  5. Here you go … the file is ready

PS: Okay okay, there is another simple way to download it, you can use  youtube-dl script located here. It very very usable since the greasemonkey and KDE ways is unusable now.

xfce volume controlling with keyboard

Ahh, now I have a material to write here. I have been using xfce for two days now (last was KDE, still lovin it but now it’s like you meet another girl that nice, cool and simply cute, not too rich and dandy like her sister Gnome, and forget a while about your cute, powerful, and scalable but resource-maniac ^^ girlfriend KDE yakakak) … it’s cheating timeeee!!! ^^
Okay, few beautification is done (icons,theme,wallpaper,etc) but problem comes to my multimedia keys (volume up, down and mute). Xfce doesn’t recognize them (at least that what I know, since there is no response to them). Little googling I found out that using amixer could resolve this. Here it goes …

First you must know the basic command of amixer (this is myown simplified version) :

amixer [command] [control] [parameter] …. more read here (or just read the manual)

To be used for my need I use this three command :

amixer set Master 5+ : increase the volume by 5

amixer set Master 5- : decrease the volume by 5

amixer set Master toggle : switch between mute and unmute volume

Okay, after that go to Settings >  Keyboard Settings, pick the Shortcuts tab and add your own Themes by clicking the (+ Add) button at the theme list. After that, just add those three command to the shortcut list (I don’t have to write the howto here since the steps from the application is preety much helping).

Done, now I can control my volume trough keyboard. Humm, I wonder when will I stop using xfce now …. ^^

Merry Merry ….

To all folks out there that celebrate …




May God bless you more and more this year …

Sorry for this late greetings, I’ve been far from connection these few days (or maybe weeks) … Plus with the internet trouble, I can’t even touch gmail (hiks hiks), so sorry if there any mail or anything that I haven’t replied.

Humm, and oh yeah … too all of you, we still need some help on filling the content for wiki at edubuntu-id. Hope in the next few days the front page and the page candidate (draft) will be announced. Sorry again to all my team for my slowliness, so much to do lately. Thanks to toosa and rahma for filling some contents on the site.  Go go go guys!!!

Hope in 2007 Ubuntu and it’s family will be used by 68% of the computer in Indonesa (yeaaaahhhhh …….!!!!!)

Arrghh … here I am just babbling again … when will I could write a technical and “bermutu” article here??