Merry Merry ….

To all folks out there that celebrate …




May God bless you more and more this year …

Sorry for this late greetings, I’ve been far from connection these few days (or maybe weeks) … Plus with the internet trouble, I can’t even touch gmail (hiks hiks), so sorry if there any mail or anything that I haven’t replied.

Humm, and oh yeah … too all of you, we still need some help on filling the content for wiki at edubuntu-id. Hope in the next few days the front page and the page candidate (draft) will be announced. Sorry again to all my team for my slowliness, so much to do lately. Thanks to toosa and rahma for filling some contents on the site.  Go go go guys!!!

Hope in 2007 Ubuntu and it’s family will be used by 68% of the computer in Indonesa (yeaaaahhhhh …….!!!!!)

Arrghh … here I am just babbling again … when will I could write a technical and “bermutu” article here??

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