xfce volume controlling with keyboard

Ahh, now I have a material to write here. I have been using xfce for two days now (last was KDE, still lovin it but now it’s like you meet another girl that nice, cool and simply cute, not too rich and dandy like her sister Gnome, and forget a while about your cute, powerful, and scalable but resource-maniac ^^ girlfriend KDE yakakak) … it’s cheating timeeee!!! ^^
Okay, few beautification is done (icons,theme,wallpaper,etc) but problem comes to my multimedia keys (volume up, down and mute). Xfce doesn’t recognize them (at least that what I know, since there is no response to them). Little googling I found out that using amixer could resolve this. Here it goes …

First you must know the basic command of amixer (this is myown simplified version) :

amixer [command] [control] [parameter] …. more read here (or just read the manual)

To be used for my need I use this three command :

amixer set Master 5+ : increase the volume by 5

amixer set Master 5- : decrease the volume by 5

amixer set Master toggle : switch between mute and unmute volume

Okay, after that go to Settings >  Keyboard Settings, pick the Shortcuts tab and add your own Themes by clicking the (+ Add) button at the theme list. After that, just add those three command to the shortcut list (I don’t have to write the howto here since the steps from the application is preety much helping).

Done, now I can control my volume trough keyboard. Humm, I wonder when will I stop using xfce now …. ^^

22 thoughts on “xfce volume controlling with keyboard

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  2. Dude, you’re a f*cking genius! Either that, or I’m a total noob – and I’m not about to admit the latter.

    For anyone else using this trick, if you find the volume going up/down too fast, try using “0.1+/-” instead of “5+/-” in the command. Works like a charm for me now.

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  4. Mortimer N. Cobblepop

    Rawk! Thanks for the tip.

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  6. Sooo nice, that helps me a lot

    But now, im searching how to show the volume progress-bar on the screen while im changing the volume?

    More far than that, how and/or where can I change what the volume bar should look

  7. thanks a lot, this did the trick in xubuntu

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  9. It works great !!!
    I’ll never change xfce (i’ve said the same for kde, hauahuahuahu)
    thanks for this tip!

  10. Excellent job! Now I can totally control my sound using my fancy keyboard, all under xfce. Nicely done.

  11. one minute solution, thanks dude

  12. You’re the best! Thanks!

  13. Btw. I don’t know how about the other distros, but in Gentoo it’s enough to emerge xfce4-volumed (first you need to unmask it). That’s enough to make your volume knobs work properly (talking about laptops here).

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