Yet Another “Downloading Youtube File” Tips

Hi guys … here me again, with some recipe of how to save youtube video after you watch it.

Ingridients :

  1. Linux *of course*
  2. Mozilla Firefox (I didn’t support another coz this recipe is specific to it)
  3. Working Konsole
  4. Working clock
  5. ffmpeg (if you want to convert those flv’s to mpg’s)

How to cook :

  1. Open youtube and watch the video.
  2. After the video is completely downloaded,  check the time and remember it.
  3. It’s time to search for the cache file. For your information, firefox usually place the cache file in ~/mozilla/firefox/[some fuzzy-named directory, like mine is: jkxj5z89.default]/Cache/. Search the file by using this command : ls -la | grep [the_time_you_remember], ie: ls -la | grep 10:22. The file is usually sized more than 5Mb so keep an eye for this kind of file.
  4. After you get the file, convert it to mpeg using ffmpeg (this is also usable to check wether the file is the right media file), ie: ffmpeg -i CE1916F8d01 Yunnie-8-Karaoke.mpg
  5. Here you go … the file is ready

PS: Okay okay, there is another simple way to download it, you can use  youtube-dl script located here. It very very usable since the greasemonkey and KDE ways is unusable now.

5 thoughts on “Yet Another “Downloading Youtube File” Tips

  1. ehem siapa tuh ce yg ada di wallpaper! mau donk om! 😛

  2. mau juga donkkkk wallpapernyaaa
    sekalian download video yang banyak yaaaaa… ntar gw ngopi aja dari loe hehehehe 😀

  3. @imtheface
    yakakak … siapa ya namanya itu lupa gw, dapet juga nemu hehehe … yah doakan saja dia mau jadi cewek gw *lol*

    hihihi … dateng ke jogja gih, nanti kukasi wekekek …

  4. om..nanya..fiQa pake Kubuntu…sementara..printer laserjet disharing di kompie win$$$…gimana supaya konek?

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