Scim and Sunbird

Hurray, the pressure is gone…. This morning I gave some presentation about Ubuntu as Desktop at STMIK Amikom Jogjakarta. Not quite good as this is my first time giving a presentation in front of 200 peoples, but overall I gave my best for it. I tell them about Ubuntu, the philosophy behind it, and why Ubuntu is good for a begineer. Oh … another thing is, wow … there are lot of “cutey honey” at Amikom, can’t wait to go there again someday ^^

*no no no … I don’t want to talk about my presentation hihihihi … just wait for the photos (if there any)*

Okay, last Sunday I downloaded Sunbird and tried to make it run .. but it wont runT_T. There always this message appear after few seconds line 131: 5097 Segmentation fault "$prog" ${1+"$@"}

And I’m pretty confident that the same message did appear when I tried to run Firefox 2.0 in this same machine. So I started to think that this must have something to do with one of package installed in my notebook. Well, and after some googling I found out that the SCIM package is currently the single suspect for it. It is currently called everytime I tried to run sunbird. And the big thing is : It also happened on flock, thunderbird, firefox, and also acroread. Okay, being rushed I removed all package that have a SCIM on it (scim-canna, scim-anthy, and (oh how fool I am) skim) … and (again, how fool I am) it crashed my KDE. Oh well, after reinstalling scim and it’s family I found another way to prevent SCIM being loaded on calling sunbird. Just add this line of code after first line on sunbird executable script:


And here you go, Sunbird is running again. The same thing goes to Firefox 2.0 and Acrobat Reader.

*aahh … stil imagine the master of ceremony* ^^

5 thoughts on “Scim and Sunbird

  1. wooyyy ,,, mana itu reportnya? hehehehe
    selamat deh bos sukses presentasinya dan klo mau bahan presentasinya
    boleh kok om di upload di sini.
    Btw gimana itu si MC dapet no telp nya kaga? 😛

  2. Numpang nimbrung nih Mas…
    @ imtheface
    hajar aja klo orang ini suka lari dari kerjaan Mas… ^_^ v

    @ gosonx
    Hla? Niat presentasi apa chicken-hunting?

  3. namanya tata om kalo ngga salah… 😛

  4. @imtheface
    report menyusul bung, foto-fotonya belum dikasi ama panitia

    huehehe, chicken hunting? na na na … murni untuk edukasi pakdhe .. ^^

    sialllll … jangan sebut-sebut nama di sini dunk yakakka … btw namanya tata ato thatha yah … ^^

  5. Thanks you ! I got the same problem but everything is fine now !

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