Aaaahh!!! I give up!!!

Okay, the tension is too high, I just can’t hold it any longer. I want to use Gutsy!!!!!!!

Actually I still want to use this Feisty a little bit longer, but somehow KDE 3.5.8 seems having few disturbing bugs, such like System Settings is always crashed when I try to run it and always failed to safely removing any USB drives I plugged. Small and seems unharming bug but somehow bite me a lot.

Another factors, the Daryna live-cd Toni brought yesterday really-really tease me and sangprabo always push me to upgrade. Ahhhhhhhhh … and so today I do it!!! Not clean installation like what I always did, but this time I do dist-upgrade from sangprabo’s repository (yeah, it just a few meters away from my rooms, with speed up to 4MBps, kwkwkwkw I just like local area network^^).

And so, after few hours (aah, the upgrade process is not as smooth as I thought, must do fix here and fix there, plus three times of reboot and apt-get install -f), I’m able to run this monkey. Cool, few things I noticed that changed is:

  • Font hinting is really really amazing. No more crisp font.
  • System Settings now works
  • The system is now keeping ‘kdesu’ password we’ve entered for a few periods, so we don’t have to re-write password everytime we want to use id
  • Wine, this baby is improved much since her last version
  • Compiz-fusion little bit faster (need more exploration here, but this is my comment for now)
  • And I hope many more …

But fellas, it’s not that this monkey doesn’t have any bugs/defect/uncomplete stuff. Here are some:

  • Compiz-fusion still have little bug with KDE native decorator. It creates a white border on menu and kicker, but not in application window’s border
  • Suspend to RAM is not fully satisfying me. It reset the network interface to default condition every time it wake from suspend
  • Suspend to disk (hibernate) is not working.
  • Related to point 2 and 3, I try to use uspswp and the hibernate problem is solved, but the s2ram command is not found since it was not included anymore in uspswp, darn!

Okay, that’s my report for now … images coming soon … I still have to study for tommorow’s exam. Aaargh!!!^$%^^&*%&%#$%#%^%%


Installing kdesvn 0.14.1 on Feisty

Today i found out that kdesvn has reached it’s 0.14.1 version. Because on feisty the default package was 0.11.1, so I think it’s better for me to upgrade it now … so I download the source from, and start to compile it …

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~/Desktop/kdesvn-0.14.1$ ./configure
bash: ./configure: No such file or directory


soon I realize that the creator of kdesvn is not using configure-make-makeinstall anymore, instead he use cmake for it … aarrghh … okay, after asking here and there I found how to use it, I’m ready to install kdesvn.

Below are some condition we need before compiling the source:

First, make sure you have cmake installed on your system .. sudo apt-get install cmake

Second, make sure you have subversion development packages on your system … sudo apt-get install subversion-dev

Third, make sure you have libsvnqt-dev on your system (usable for the compilation, not for running the application, soon I’ll explain why) … sudo apt-get install libsvnqt-dev

Fourth, make sure you have removed old kdesvn from your system … sudo apt-get remove kdesvn kdesvn-kio-plugins

Okay, let’s bake something

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~/Desktop/kdesvn-0.14.1$ cmake .

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~/Desktop/kdesvn-0.14.1$ make

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~/Desktop/kdesvn-0.14.1$ sudo make install

Finish … try to run, then it complain that it can’t found … damn, so now this thing is using instead of …. @#$%$#^%$&^%*^%&%$

Little tricky … just copy from kdesvn-0.14.1/lib into /usr/lib/

sudo cp kdesvn-0.14.1/lib/* /usr/lib/

And so I go then ….

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