Installing kdesvn 0.14.1 on Feisty

Today i found out that kdesvn has reached it’s 0.14.1 version. Because on feisty the default package was 0.11.1, so I think it’s better for me to upgrade it now … so I download the source from, and start to compile it …

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~/Desktop/kdesvn-0.14.1$ ./configure
bash: ./configure: No such file or directory


soon I realize that the creator of kdesvn is not using configure-make-makeinstall anymore, instead he use cmake for it … aarrghh … okay, after asking here and there I found how to use it, I’m ready to install kdesvn.

Below are some condition we need before compiling the source:

First, make sure you have cmake installed on your system .. sudo apt-get install cmake

Second, make sure you have subversion development packages on your system … sudo apt-get install subversion-dev

Third, make sure you have libsvnqt-dev on your system (usable for the compilation, not for running the application, soon I’ll explain why) … sudo apt-get install libsvnqt-dev

Fourth, make sure you have removed old kdesvn from your system … sudo apt-get remove kdesvn kdesvn-kio-plugins

Okay, let’s bake something

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~/Desktop/kdesvn-0.14.1$ cmake .

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~/Desktop/kdesvn-0.14.1$ make

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~/Desktop/kdesvn-0.14.1$ sudo make install

Finish … try to run, then it complain that it can’t found … damn, so now this thing is using instead of …. @#$%$#^%$&^%*^%&%$

Little tricky … just copy from kdesvn-0.14.1/lib into /usr/lib/

sudo cp kdesvn-0.14.1/lib/* /usr/lib/

And so I go then ….

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2 thoughts on “Installing kdesvn 0.14.1 on Feisty

  1. Di versi ini fitur barunya apa? utk diff/merge udah ada built in toolnya gk?

    BTW, utk dependensi subversion-devel di atas, bukan depedensi cmake kukira. Tapi kmu nulisnya seolah jadi dependensi cmake :D.

    Gitu aja :p

  2. #toni
    humm … fitur barunya apa ya (wakakak ketahuan cuman tertarik sama versi ajah) … tapi katanya ada beberapa crash yang hilang gitu … pas delete kalo gak salah …

    humm, kebacana gitu yah … ok deh kuganti lagi sajah kata-katanya …

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