Exaile now with equalizer

After some time sticking with KDE, yesterday I try to use xfce for a while, and since I’m tryin to be fully using gtk (and limiting the usage of kde component while playing with xfce), so I begun to install few substitution application, one of them is Exaile, wich somehow said to be the clone of Amarok in gnome/gtk environment …

At first I didn’t expect much, since I realized almost all of the gtk-based music player is not equipped with equalize, but then I was suprized. Exaile now have it’s own equalizer!!! As you may already knew, this was one of the factor why I’m never stick with gnome/xfce for long. But now … wew, now I’m start thinking to migrate …

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Oh, an maybe for you who curious, here are some subtitute application I use:

One thought on “Exaile now with equalizer

  1. jadi pengen coba… dah lama nih gak maen – maen di Linux… gak ada box nya 😦

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