It’s almost 12pm, while getting ready to go home from my workplace, a message from Hendra pops on the screen …

Hendra UPN: flash on linux dah ada

Darn … at such time. Okay, being curious I decided to stay a little bit longer and start to download the application from the site (you can get it here) and after that run the magic “make” command …

Found a bugs!!!!

FSDefineSound.h:140: error: extra qualification ‘transform::FSDefineSound::’ on member ‘FSDefineSound’
make[1]: *** [FSDefineSound.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/void/Desktop/f4l-0.2.1/src/flagStonePort/transform-cxx-bsd/transform’
make: *** [sub-src-flagStonePort-transform-cxx-bsd-transform-make_default] Error 2

Okay, from few posting at kde-apps.org (from wich I then realized that this application is already submitted on 2005), I found the solution (please read here).

And this thing is running …

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Next problem is … I don’t even know how to use Macromedia Flash :)) Oh well, at least when someone is asking I know how to answer them … 😀


Network Browsing with Thunar

Last day, I’ve been asked by some worker to show her where are the “My Network Places” in Xubuntu. Having no knowledge about that (since I still using Konqueror whenever I’m in XFCE and feel needed a network browser), I just say … “hmmm, I’ll figure out later. For now just hold on 😀 ” ..

Doing a midnight search, and I found this link : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=304131&highlight=xubuntu

And it works!!! Cool … I should say thanks for the guy who made it… humm, what was his/her name? Tazix?? Thanks Tazix 😀

PS: Rather lazy for the translation, hope someone else do the translation for this HOWTO …

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