It’s almost 12pm, while getting ready to go home from my workplace, a message from Hendra pops on the screen …

Hendra UPN: flash on linux dah ada

Darn … at such time. Okay, being curious I decided to stay a little bit longer and start to download the application from the site (you can get it here) and after that run the magic “make” command …

Found a bugs!!!!

FSDefineSound.h:140: error: extra qualification ‘transform::FSDefineSound::’ on member ‘FSDefineSound’
make[1]: *** [FSDefineSound.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/void/Desktop/f4l-0.2.1/src/flagStonePort/transform-cxx-bsd/transform’
make: *** [sub-src-flagStonePort-transform-cxx-bsd-transform-make_default] Error 2

Okay, from few posting at kde-apps.org (from wich I then realized that this application is already submitted on 2005), I found the solution (please read here).

And this thing is running …

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Next problem is … I don’t even know how to use Macromedia Flash :)) Oh well, at least when someone is asking I know how to answer them … 😀

4 thoughts on “Flash4Linux

  1. however… now.. linux can create flash for animation.
    and i hope more people will be migration to linux,especially for flash animator.

  2. hmm kayaknya tuh program udah ga dikembangin lagi om. pernah nyoba kalo ga salah taon 2006. hmmm… proyek ga rampung. soalnya sepertinya yang jalan cuman interfacenya doang, alias kulit.tapi animasi sama sekali ga jalan. jadi ga bisa dipake 😀

  3. wah baru tau aku kalo ada saingannya Flash…
    maklum ga paham animasi…
    sip dah..

  4. hi people,

    just trying to build/install f4l, it (V0.2.1, of 21st. dec. 2005, downloaded from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=87799) won’t compile ‘out of the box’.

    I found this:

    which includes a link to a patch:

    from the patch-file, you can see which changes have to be made to which file.
    (or just apply the patch, if you know how to do it.)

    the changes are as follows:

    file: src/f4lmdoc.cpp
    approx. line: 24
    change: #include
    to: #include

    file: src/flagStonePort/transform-cxx-bsd/transform/FSDefineSound.h
    approx. line: 140
    change: FSDefineSound::FSDefineSound(int anIdentifier, int encoding, int rate, int channels, int sampleSize, int count, byte* bytes, size_t length);
    to: FSDefineSound(int anIdentifier, int encoding, int rate, int channels, int sampleSize, int count, byte* bytes, size_t length);

    file: src/flagStonePort/transform-cxx-bsd/transform/FSVector.h
    approx. line: 35
    change: #include
    to: #include

    additionally, I had to install ‘qt3-devel’ rpm for qmake.

    then it would build. 🙂

    (but f4l-0.2.1 is hardly usable or complete, as it seems. sigh.)


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