Gutsy and Broadcom Wireless Driver on Lenovo G400

For you who may not have internet access on your Lenovo G400 notebook (coz the wireless driver is disabled and of course you need that wireless to be enabled to access the internet ^^) and want to install it manually, here are step-and -stop howto and links.

  1. Download  bcm43xx-fwcutter package from this link (just remember to pick the right driver for your architecture).
  2. Right click on the package you’ve downloaded and choose : open with “GDebi Package Installer”, and let Ubuntu install it for you
  3. Now download the broadcom firmware from here (PS: if this file has an owner, I’m really-really sorry if I have to re-upload it on another server coz I got it from my friend and he get it from bcm43xx-fwcutter automagic-download. If you are the owner or developer of it, and feel little bit angry for what I’ve done, please send me the right link for it).
  4. Open : System > Administration > Restricted Drivers Manager. As you may seen before, the Broadcom module is disabled. Click on the checkbox and Ubuntu will open a confirmation dialog. Answer Yes for the question and now Ubuntu bring you another dialog box.
  5. On that dialog box, there is an option to get the firmware from a file. Pick the file you’ve downloaded at step 3 and press OK.
  6. Now your wireless is recognize, just try enabling it from the button on the right of your notebook. If you see that the wireless LED indicator is on, then happy browsing dude !!!

And oh, yeah … my apologize if my example is specific on Ubuntu (gnome). But for Kubuntu and Xubuntu I think it not much differ that these steps I gave you. Just twist your mind a little bit ^^

3 thoughts on “Gutsy and Broadcom Wireless Driver on Lenovo G400

  1. Ga nyoba yang ini ?? []

  2. @Yuda
    Wew, gak ngerti kalo dah ada deb-nya … hehehe … sip sip …

  3. please driver de broadcom 440-400

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