Guys … let eat some rice, shall we?


This afternoon, I went to Jogjakarta Ubuntu Hardy Release Party meeting at UAD. When I arrived, the forum is currently talking about topic to be presented at the talkshow (yeah, this time we want some talkshow). And guess what? For a talkshow with “Linux and Women” as the main theme, almost all of the member is suggesting alternative topic about networking, hacking, creating server, etc etc … that have nothing to do with the main theme itself.

Make me wonder … aren’t you bored with topics like that? Everytime there is a seminar, talkshow, meeting, etc etc that have connection to Linux, it always smell the same. Hacking this, breaking there, sniffing that, building server here, wireless this, etc etc … and very few themes like kde/gnome basics, desktop beautification, introduction to repository, what-is-linux, openoffice tips, building FOSS-based company/office, etc etc. If this is the way linux is brought to the people, than hell no Linux will get some attention to non-technical user … Hell no Linux will get some attention from big company, and hell no I will get a job with Linux as it’s desktop environment instead as a server ^^

Back to the main theme. Okay, not that I’m judging that women can’t deal with those stuff, but okay … just tell me from 10 women you meet at the street (oh, not in your IT-related university street, but real street), how many of them can really understand those topics? Let me made it simpler, how many of them that ever dreaming about linux? Not many I think. Most women, that in my dream is perfect candidates for next generation Linux user, along with majority of Indonesian people is hardly know what Linux is. At school they were taught with M$ materials (which most of them is a result of piracy, yeah … even school is teaching about piracy, in the name of education), at office they were using M$, at home they always dealing with M$, and so on. This is the main idea. We want to introduce linux to people like this, someone who never touch Linux before. And as I remembered, Ubuntu Desktop is not-only-for-geek OS, as described here there are some point why Ubuntu Desktop is called Ubuntu Desktop, which somehow never taught deeply to the newcomers, coz the old-kids-on-the-block is busy dealing with hardcore matters (yeah, I must admit that I also too lazy to teach most of the time) …

So, guys … let stop eating meat, for this meantime let eat rice, shall we??


History terminal saya

Abis jalan-jalan di, kok ngeliat di sana ada muncul banyak orang melakukan posting history meme (well, karena meme sendiri sedikit banyak orang akan menambahkan sebuah hurup dan menjadikannya jorok, maka judulnya saya ganti). Jadi ceritanya ini adalah menampilkan cuplikan perintah yang sering diketik di terminal …

So, here is mine …

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~$ history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head
189 sudo
60 cd
33 iwconfig
31 ls
17 ./
12 mysqldump
12 ifconfig
11 ping
10 ps
10 echo

Yak mari siapa yang melanjutkan … ^^