New Theme!!

Yeah, new theme here … white text on top of black background.

There is no specific reason for this to be happened, I just want to change the mood and keep everyone happy on loading my page (less images less bandwitdh I presume) …

Okay, there are other changes here. I’ve added new category called “Research Room”. This category is dedicated to log my research which I hope will be finished on September. The main theme of my research is using Web Service to create a Transportation Information Services, planned to be tested on Transjogja. The system itself will integrate GPS, J2ME, PHP, and maybe Python applications through web service as their “broker” …

And yes … except PHP, the rest were subjects I’ve never touch for the whole of my life!! And maybe this time is the time to start touching them …

Well, meet you on my next post then … until then, keep healty guys!!!!

2 thoughts on “New Theme!!

  1. kok kerenan yang kemaren yak? šŸ˜€


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