A progress … phew

After being so busy with my current job, today *err … seein the clock, i guess I should said … yesterday … one minute already passed from midnight* I able to put my brain on my research.

Still about GPS location and Web Service … I decide to use RESTful Web Service as the service model for mobile application built on Java ME. Why? Coz I already build the server with PHP+NuSOAP, which still holds RPC-Encoded model of web service, while Java ME (JSR 172) doesn’t support it. After little chat with Nico, he told me to try RESTful Web Service … and here it goes … I rebuild the service, only to serve XML document based on request from the client …

Ah! I never thought that Web Service could be so easy using this concept (err … do I called it right as concept?) … And, yes … actually with REST, our response could be anything as long the client understands it *err, maybe a little drawback if I can’t supply the correct information about it, but it must be thought before, and maybe I am to lazy not to read all the documentation*

My first attempt, using Java ME + KXML as the reader, still in the emulator box, though … well, at least I could see something now ^^ *since I never touch any not-a-web programming before*

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*aaargghhh … the time is ticking!!!! should keep the speed up here … mayday mayday … mediccccc*

3 thoughts on “A progress … phew

  1. Well, i’m surprised that you feels so easy when using J2Me plus KXML. I have it a little buggy when I used KXML. So I decided to use NanoXmlRpc for J2ME client and IXR xml rpc server (for PHP). Of course it will have a different web service architecture. But it still web service concept tough.

    Anyway, if you succeded implement your concept, please write the documentation so other can learn about it. Thanks.

  2. @Amri Shodiq
    Thanks for the comment, bro. Ah well, maybe it just because I only use it for small purpose.Bout the docs, soon … as soon as I could get a grip on this new thing ^^

  3. Ajaaarrrriiiiiinnnnn aaakuuuuu yaaaaaa Boooossss…..

    *stress karena jarang dapet sinar matahari*

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