Novatel MC990D GSM Modem on Ubuntu

Novatel MC990D is one of the GSM modem on the market (at least here in Indonesia). From the web page, it says that it supported the Linux 2.6 kernel. So without any doubt, I think it will behave ┬ájust like other gsm modem I’ve tried before. Just plug it and it will play nicely with usb_modeswitch.

Well … from my latest experience … it is not …

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Alvonsius @ wordpress is alive again!

Hi guys!!

Let see, the last post from this blog is dated on October 16th, 2013. Because of me trying to manage my own blog on my own domain, I decided to move this blog to my own domain ( And guess what? I don’t have too much interest on it (maybe because it just a sudden emotional action of a young-blodded geek), and in the end, the domain (with all the blog) … dead!

So … after trying some few alternatives (I’ve tried blogspot, tumblr, and even creating new blog on wordpress), I decided to revive this blog again. Why? Because of so many memories wrote in this blog, and why should I throw them to the dustbin?

How’s me? Well, this is a few updates happened to me

  1. I’m still working at Gamatechno, but now I’m not fully programmer, but going higher harder into the managerial position
  2. My GPS project for my thesis is done. I got A for the project. The bad news is … I lost all my data and works with my domain T_T … The only copy I have is now on my University’s library *giggle
  3. I’m married now, living on my own house at Kalasan area, Jogjakarta. And blessed with one beautiful 5 month daughter.
  4. My new hobby is photography, so expect to view some post with photography topic. My gear? A badass Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm kit lens and a nifty-fifty 50mm f1.8 G. My interest? Well, let just say that I’m on the search of the enlightment. No particular interest, just shoot ^^
  5. Since the last post, I’ve trying some blog site. And here are the list:
    1. (still active, mostly photography content)
    2. (dunno what to do with this one)
    3. (my old blog, way before this one)
    4. (my first linux blog, I’ve lost the account to this blog so pratically this one is on dormant state)
    5. (I planning to do much of weekend travelling with my wife, so we created this site. But after we create it, we became so busy for the work, house, and the last one .. the baby ^^ … so maybe this one is also on dormant state)

Okay … that’s for the update … I’ll see you on my next post ^^