Management: a rant

For a managers who belief that their position is very hard … read this. I have read it, and realized that all three misbeliefs written there is exactly what I have on my head.

I have to change something then …

We'll see | Matt Zimmerman

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means. -Inigo Montoya

Having worked in full-time management positions for some years now, I am increasingly convinced that management is widely misunderstood as a role, as a discipline and as a field, and that this makes a lot of lives more difficult and stressful than necessary. It is the subject of much speculation and misbelief, and I’ve chosen a few of my favorite examples to deconstruct here.

Misbelief #1: management is what managers do

I’ve noticed a trend among a certain class of companies, whose employees will tell anyone who will listen that there is no “management” in their organization, they never plan to have any, and neither should you. I think these statements are respectively a lie, a naïve belief, and a piece of bad advice. Usually, these companies are just a few years…

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Alvonsius @ wordpress is alive again!

Hi guys!!

Let see, the last post from this blog is dated on October 16th, 2013. Because of me trying to manage my own blog on my own domain, I decided to move this blog to my own domain ( And guess what? I don’t have too much interest on it (maybe because it just a sudden emotional action of a young-blodded geek), and in the end, the domain (with all the blog) … dead!

So … after trying some few alternatives (I’ve tried blogspot, tumblr, and even creating new blog on wordpress), I decided to revive this blog again. Why? Because of so many memories wrote in this blog, and why should I throw them to the dustbin?

How’s me? Well, this is a few updates happened to me

  1. I’m still working at Gamatechno, but now I’m not fully programmer, but going higher harder into the managerial position
  2. My GPS project for my thesis is done. I got A for the project. The bad news is … I lost all my data and works with my domain T_T … The only copy I have is now on my University’s library *giggle
  3. I’m married now, living on my own house at Kalasan area, Jogjakarta. And blessed with one beautiful 5 month daughter.
  4. My new hobby is photography, so expect to view some post with photography topic. My gear? A badass Nikon D7000 with 18-105mm kit lens and a nifty-fifty 50mm f1.8 G. My interest? Well, let just say that I’m on the search of the enlightment. No particular interest, just shoot ^^
  5. Since the last post, I’ve trying some blog site. And here are the list:
    1. (still active, mostly photography content)
    2. (dunno what to do with this one)
    3. (my old blog, way before this one)
    4. (my first linux blog, I’ve lost the account to this blog so pratically this one is on dormant state)
    5. (I planning to do much of weekend travelling with my wife, so we created this site. But after we create it, we became so busy for the work, house, and the last one .. the baby ^^ … so maybe this one is also on dormant state)

Okay … that’s for the update … I’ll see you on my next post ^^

Failed to Track Full Route

Today I was planning to do a survey on one of Transjogja’s route. The objective is to get information about Geodetic Coordinate of some bus stop and do some route tracking. For this purpose, I use these tools:

  1. Portable GPS Receiver, which could transmit NMEA data by bluetooth. I use Holux M-1000, got a fair price and service at
  2. My beloved mobile phone, Sony Ericsson W810i, equipped with MobileTrailExplorer as GPS bluetooth data receiver, waypoint marker, and tracklogger.
  3. Viking GPS Data and Topo Analyzer (, so I could read the GPX data exported from MobileTrailExplorer on Ubuntu.
  4. Patient … a lot of patient, since I have to sit on the bus for about 2 hours (that’s average time for one lap).

The actual plan is I will pick route 3A as a target. Since this route is passing both my boarding house and my office, so I could start in the morning from bus stop near of my boarding house, and track the route until my office, stop there and go to work, and continue tracking on the afternoon from bus stop near my office and finish at my boarding house again (yeah, what a nice plan!!).

And the result is …

Actually what happened is not as smooth as I think. Okay, as you may see at the picture above, I only could track half of the route. Why is this happened? Well, technical reason … At Giwangan I saved the tracklog into memory stick (export it into GPX format – resulting that image), and then continue tracking. So far everything is fine, but the problem arise when the tracker application suddenly freeze when we arrived at East Ring Road (Disnaker) bus stop. That time I still could record the last waypoint there but after that the tracker application freeze. And I didn’t realized that happened until we are near of UPN bus stop. Darn … I don’t know what is the source, but when I try to connect it again to the GPS receiver, it is refused …

And so … the tracklog from Giwangan to Disnaker is lost! My great plan on recording a full track of a route is failed just when it’s about to come to the finish line. But it’s okay, since the waypoint records is still there, I could use them for some research preparation.

Tommorow I will track for route 2B, I must prepare everything better now … until then, stay healthy guys!!!

New Theme!!

Yeah, new theme here … white text on top of black background.

There is no specific reason for this to be happened, I just want to change the mood and keep everyone happy on loading my page (less images less bandwitdh I presume) …

Okay, there are other changes here. I’ve added new category called “Research Room”. This category is dedicated to log my research which I hope will be finished on September. The main theme of my research is using Web Service to create a Transportation Information Services, planned to be tested on Transjogja. The system itself will integrate GPS, J2ME, PHP, and maybe Python applications through web service as their “broker” …

And yes … except PHP, the rest were subjects I’ve never touch for the whole of my life!! And maybe this time is the time to start touching them …

Well, meet you on my next post then … until then, keep healty guys!!!!

Yes, Gutsy’s Broadcom is Somehow Have The Bug

Few days ago, Fajar told me a bug about Gutsy’s bundled Broadcom driver that can’t get IP address from Linksys WRT45GL access point. And he pointed me to Invaleed’s blog that have the solution for it. At first, as always, I did not put so much attention since normally my wireless is fine (been use it at my university and no problem exist). But, yes I did download the ndiswrapper source and Broadcom driver (thanks to Kosha for downloading it for me), just in case if I need it.

And yes!! Today it’s happened. When I tried to get IP address from Kosha’s access point, bump!! It fail all the time. Three time of reboot didn’t solve anything. So, immediate treatment is started. And now, I can write this blog using wireless connection …

Huff … so, now … what shall I download … ^^

Firefox won’t browse, an IPv6 issue

I just found a bug (or maybe just -not-for-this-time-technology-issue-) that causing my notebook won’t browse anywhere. I found this bug this morning when I’m trying to connect my notebook (which now become my father/sister notebook) on his office …

Here are the symptoms:

  1. I plugged the Wired LAN cable
  2. I succesfully connected to DHCP server
  3. I got an IP address
  4. But I can’t browse anywhere! Firefox keeps telling me that she is “Waiting for…”

So, with a little search on google (from another PC of course), I found that the bug is somehow associated with IPv6 DNS binding (or something like that, I’m not the expert here). So, the solution is go to Firefox, open “about:config” on the Address bar, and from the filter find “ipv6”. This will come with a line “network.dns.disableIPv6”. Double click that line so the Value will changed into “True” and restart Firefox.

Hope this will help someone ^^

PS: There is someone out there that suggesting if I want to disable ipv6 system-wide, then I should put a line “blacklist ipv6” on /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist. I still don’t know how to test this, but for now I think my Dad is only need Firefox to run properly …^^


With some googling again, I found another trick to disable IPv6 system-wide:

  1. Open /etc/modprobe.d/aliases
  2. Search for a line which have “alias net-pf-10 ipv6”, replace it with “alias net-pf-10 off #ipv6”
  3. Open /etc/hosts
  4. Comment out every line that have something to do with IPv6. In my case, I just comment out every line that have “ipv6”
  5. For safety reason (gyagyagya I just love saying this line), reboot your box

I try this setting plus the blacklist trick and re-disabled the Firefox configuration I tell you before, and it works. One thing is until now Pidgin still can’t connect to Yahoo. Try to solve this later …

Widescreen Support for DOTA

How to make DOTA played on 1280 x 800 resulution? Just open ~/.wine/user.reg and edit this line …

 [Software\\Blizzard Entertainment\\Warcraft III\\Video] 1205852133


I got this tip from this link.

And then there you go, widescreen support!!

PS:  00000320 is 800 in Hex, and 00000500 is 1280 in Hex.

Exaile now with equalizer

After some time sticking with KDE, yesterday I try to use xfce for a while, and since I’m tryin to be fully using gtk (and limiting the usage of kde component while playing with xfce), so I begun to install few substitution application, one of them is Exaile, wich somehow said to be the clone of Amarok in gnome/gtk environment …

At first I didn’t expect much, since I realized almost all of the gtk-based music player is not equipped with equalize, but then I was suprized. Exaile now have it’s own equalizer!!! As you may already knew, this was one of the factor why I’m never stick with gnome/xfce for long. But now … wew, now I’m start thinking to migrate …

Free Image Hosting at

Oh, an maybe for you who curious, here are some subtitute application I use:


Here I am, trying to use Drivel as a blog-machine from my notebook to this blog. I must admit that this tool is cool, and the GTK style … ooouuuchhh … my oh my … each and everyday the temptation to cross the line between KDE and Gnome is getting bigger. If Gnome keep the “beautification-evolution movements” and KDE 4 is still “under-construction position”, you might found me installing Ubuntu instead of Kubuntu on the next release (ough … maybe 7.07???). Okay, maybe you all wonderin why I still stuck on KDE … here are some …

There are no great file manager on Gnome
Altough Nautilus has been evolved pretty good, I still prefer Konqueror because it is so scalable, easy to use, tab-browsing support and much more. Maybe PCMan File Manager could become alternative for Nautilus.

Every music player on Gnome has no Equalizer
Okay, maybe I miss the place but you could say rithymbox and other have no equalizer on it. Pretty bad huh … *waiting the news from Exaile!*

KDE is lighter than Gnome
Humm … maybe not on the 3.5.5 release and of course this is user specific problem.

KMail (plus Kontact) rocks!!!!
Well … just my humble opinion. Other may prefer Evolution or Thunderbird.

and many more …..

And why I didn’t install both of them?? Huhuhu … because I must install everything that have a relation with gnome too, and I hate that ^^