Cool Yahoo Avatar on your desktop

Hey guys, do you know that you can pick two Yahoo! Avatar and put them on your desktop? Well, using this theme called Yahoo Avatars from Superkaramba you could do that. Here are some preview on my desktop … hech hech hech … guess who is the girl next to me ^^

My Cute Little Desktop

Try it and put some fun on your desktop … Until then … keep freedom alive!!!!

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xfce volume controlling with keyboard

Ahh, now I have a material to write here. I have been using xfce for two days now (last was KDE, still lovin it but now it’s like you meet another girl that nice, cool and simply cute, not too rich and dandy like her sister Gnome, and forget a while about your cute, powerful, and scalable but resource-maniac ^^ girlfriend KDE yakakak) … it’s cheating timeeee!!! ^^
Okay, few beautification is done (icons,theme,wallpaper,etc) but problem comes to my multimedia keys (volume up, down and mute). Xfce doesn’t recognize them (at least that what I know, since there is no response to them). Little googling I found out that using amixer could resolve this. Here it goes …

First you must know the basic command of amixer (this is myown simplified version) :

amixer [command] [control] [parameter] …. more read here (or just read the manual)

To be used for my need I use this three command :

amixer set Master 5+ : increase the volume by 5

amixer set Master 5- : decrease the volume by 5

amixer set Master toggle : switch between mute and unmute volume

Okay, after that go to Settings >  Keyboard Settings, pick the Shortcuts tab and add your own Themes by clicking the (+ Add) button at the theme list. After that, just add those three command to the shortcut list (I don’t have to write the howto here since the steps from the application is preety much helping).

Done, now I can control my volume trough keyboard. Humm, I wonder when will I stop using xfce now …. ^^

Merry Merry ….

To all folks out there that celebrate …




May God bless you more and more this year …

Sorry for this late greetings, I’ve been far from connection these few days (or maybe weeks) … Plus with the internet trouble, I can’t even touch gmail (hiks hiks), so sorry if there any mail or anything that I haven’t replied.

Humm, and oh yeah … too all of you, we still need some help on filling the content for wiki at edubuntu-id. Hope in the next few days the front page and the page candidate (draft) will be announced. Sorry again to all my team for my slowliness, so much to do lately. Thanks to toosa and rahma for filling some contents on the site.  Go go go guys!!!

Hope in 2007 Ubuntu and it’s family will be used by 68% of the computer in Indonesa (yeaaaahhhhh …….!!!!!)

Arrghh … here I am just babbling again … when will I could write a technical and “bermutu” article here??


Here I am, trying to use Drivel as a blog-machine from my notebook to this blog. I must admit that this tool is cool, and the GTK style … ooouuuchhh … my oh my … each and everyday the temptation to cross the line between KDE and Gnome is getting bigger. If Gnome keep the “beautification-evolution movements” and KDE 4 is still “under-construction position”, you might found me installing Ubuntu instead of Kubuntu on the next release (ough … maybe 7.07???). Okay, maybe you all wonderin why I still stuck on KDE … here are some …

There are no great file manager on Gnome
Altough Nautilus has been evolved pretty good, I still prefer Konqueror because it is so scalable, easy to use, tab-browsing support and much more. Maybe PCMan File Manager could become alternative for Nautilus.

Every music player on Gnome has no Equalizer
Okay, maybe I miss the place but you could say rithymbox and other have no equalizer on it. Pretty bad huh … *waiting the news from Exaile!*

KDE is lighter than Gnome
Humm … maybe not on the 3.5.5 release and of course this is user specific problem.

KMail (plus Kontact) rocks!!!!
Well … just my humble opinion. Other may prefer Evolution or Thunderbird.

and many more …..

And why I didn’t install both of them?? Huhuhu … because I must install everything that have a relation with gnome too, and I hate that ^^

Welcome AIGLX

To be honest, I feel jealous for Andi, since he already feel the ultimate power of XGL on his box. Why I feel jealous?? Because I can’t run XGL with my small i915 card (I tried XGL before and believe me, you’ll never want to see your box suffered like that). Then few days ago Toni told me about this AIGLX and Beryl thing that runs nice animation (like mac .. i want to be like mac) on default onboard i915 intel cards. Well, gotta give it a try then. First attempt was to search at ubuntuforums and found this nice tutorial and this another one (i prefer the second coz it seem official). As you may think, it became a total failure!!! My desktop turn upsidedown and no respond to any click i gave … ssshhhh, should do the ultimate Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to kill X and login again …

Hemmm, after few days being curious and sick with AIGLX/Beryl (just like my good friend here too), I finally able to make Beryl run with AIGLX on my Kubuntu. The problem I found before is just because I didn’t follow the instruction exactly like the guys said there.  I didn’t do the update part coz I was too afraid i’ll broke something (stupid meeee!!!). Well, now my machine is cool …

Humm … I must read manual carefully from now on …

Hip hip hurrayyy … who needs Mac if you already have Beryl here huahahaha …. ^^

Wait … i can’t create a snapshot????!!!!??? Hihihi, then until I can make a  screenshot, just try to use Beryl on your box guys …. feel the new breeze of Linux :p

FileLight – Rediscovering your disk space

Until a few days ago I still confuse on how to read disk usage in a simple and informative way. To be honest, I’m in a panic condition right now seeing my harddisk is almost full and I don’t know where all those space gone. Lucky me, I found some great tools yesterday in, called FileLight.

According to the description :

Filelight creates an interactive map of concentric segmented-rings that represent the sizes of files and directories on your computer.

You could see some screenshot here …

Yess, and I found out that this tool is very very very usable. Now I found that BoA ate to many space on my music directory. Should get her archived soon … Until then, PANIC TIME DUDE!!!!!!

How Many Distribution More?

*back to english*

Today I was reading a good article in Distrowatch, and suddenly I was shocked to know that Ubuntu Christian Edition is already issued. Standing as *yet another* distribution for Ubuntu, this phenomena is somehow made me think … As a Christian of course I was happy to know this, but as a Linux user and related to the article I read before my mind start to ask … when will this (humm, what should I call??) err… evolution stop? Or it won’t stop??
Lot of distribution, lot of choices, lot of negative and positive … humm, imagine you were at some toy shop and given choice between an original rubber duck, rubber duck with lights, rubber duck with mp3 player but no lights, rubber duck with silver wings, rubber duck with big head, and rubber duck with light,mp3 player,silver wings wich could assembled or disassembled together. Wich one will you pick?? I personally prefer rubber duck that could squack *hemm, there are no option for this huh? Well, then I’ll pick the original one and plug some squack machine on it* hehehehe …

Well, just a note, let not make this difference as an obstacle to spread the flavor of linux all over the world.

Last two day on Medan, I’ll be missin all of cute oriental girl I met here (eventough I don’t know their name *lol*) … this city surely a semi-heaven to me (since I’ve never been in Tokyo or Seoul, and I don’t like it’s spicy food) *lol*

*tired of english*

LCD Projector

Ketika pertama kali menggunakan Kubuntu untuk melakukan presentasi, saya mengalami sedikit kesusahan ketika harus melakukan sinkronisasi dengan LCD Projector. Yang saya maksud di sini adalah ketika saya menginginkan agar tampilan di layar LCD saya dan di LCD projector muncul dua-duanya (mirroring/clone) yang tampak di keluaran projector sama sekali tidak sempurna. Huruf dan gambar yang ditampilkan tampak bergoyang-goyang ke kiri dan kekanan, sama sekali susah untuk dibaca. Hal ini tidak muncul ketika saya hanya memunculkan tampilan melalui LCD Projector saja. Sampai dengan kemarin ketika saya melakukan presentasi ke klien saya masih menggunakan cara ini, well … jujur saja saya agak malu dengan kondisi ini, seakan-akan membuat linux kok tidak ada apa-apanya begitu hehehe …

Sampai hari ini, ketika saya menemukan jawabannya di halaman saya kemudian mencoba memodifikasi /etc/X11/xorg.conf saya dengan menambahkan sedikit opsi lagi pada bagian Device, sehingga lengkapnya menjadi seperti berikut:

Section “Device”

Identifier “Intel Corporation Intel Default Card”
Driver “i810”
BusID “PCI:0:2:0”
Option “VBERestore” “true”
Option “Clone” “true”
Option “MonitorLayout” “CRT,LFP”
Option “DevicePresence” “yes”


Okay, sedikit penjelasan … Untuk Option VBERestore tidak ada hubungannya dengan masalah projector ini. Opsi ini saya pakai ketika saya hendak mengaktifkan fitur Suspend melalui KDE. Berikutnya untuk opsi Clone, MonitorLayout, dan DevicePresence inilah yang berhubungan dengan penggunaan projector tersebut. So … bagi anda-anda yang bermasalah dengan LCD Projector, dan kebetulan memiliki graphic card dari keluarga Intel i8xx dan i9xx, silahkan dicoba resep saya ini …

For now, that’s all folks … enjoy your day

*also written in*

MySQL Query Browser 1.1.18

After a few month using Mysql Query Browser 1.1.12, yesterday i decided to try the new version of this tool. So i downloaded the generic version from the site, and since it only support the RPM package, so some aliening needed here.

$ sudo alien mysql-query-browser-1.1.18-1.i386.rpm

And after that simply install the tools (yeah you should know how). No error found while the installation progress is running, but if you trying to run the tools, two message found about the application can’t find the and library. Here’s what you should do, check if you have installed the libpcre and libtiff library, if you don’t have them, then install them first. After everything ready, create two link files that pointing to those new library with commands like these

$ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/


$ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Please check that my current version of libpcre is 3.11.0 and libtiff is 4.1.3. Yours may different …

After that, try to run the tools again, and voila … there you go …


Start Blogging In English

After few months my blog for Kubuntu experience wasn’t updated anymore, I decide to move it to this one. Actually I have this blog since last November but I don’t have any idea what to write in this blog … well here it comes. Linux, Web Development, and other technology writing … in english of course. If you want the Indonesian version, just stop by at my another blog and if you lucky enough you’ll get what you want …