This blog is moved (again)

Hello all, as you may see from the title, I’m moving my blog to another place. There is no particular reason for this, it’s just that I want to “brand” myself on my own domain name and stuff. So, I decided to bought myself a domain, and it’s …

And now, officially this blog is moved to You may find my older posts from this blog there too, since I already exported them there to. And, yeah, you may find the same announcement at my other blog. And so, I will write both in Indonesian and English language.

Okay, enough reading, I’ll meet you on that site


Rearrange my desktop

Here you go, being bored with the same models of Gnome Desktop (top and bottom panel), yesterday I tried to rearrange my desktop. I want it to be clean and simple, maybe with some Mac accents, but without losing the gnome style. So …. here it is …

My Desktop Screenshot

My Desktop Screenshot

Humm, the recipe? All you need is …

  1. Ubuntu Linux 8.04 (, or other Linux Distros supplied with Gnome 2.20, and Compiz enabled of course.
  2. Murinne GTK Engine (pull the latest from the SVN, which create the effect that it won’t be compatible with older Murrine themes), with Shiki-Colors as the theme ( Use the Emerald window manager that supplied with the theme package. Second thought bout the Murrine Engine, you could use the DEB package provided by the author of Shiki on that link.
  3. Avant Window Navigator for the ‘yeah-it’s-mac-lookalike-panel’. Download the latest package from Ubuntu PPA repositories (since it’s provide you with some cool applets). Don’t forget the Scaled Black theme. Ah … as the AWN is not provide you with some launcher, so you need to build it yourself. It’s easy … just click here and there.
  4. Elementary Icons.
  5. The fonts? It’s Liberation Sans.
  6. One little visual tips from me is, keep your opened application “un-maximized”. Since maximized form of application really suck in this kind of desktop view.

There you go … happy creating something …

Linux == Exhibition Only??

Today I went to National IT eXpo, some computer exhibition at Jogjakarta Exhibition Center (JEC). My objective is simple, after three years spent my “IT-live” in no-flashdisk condition, today I want to buy one. The last flashdisk I owned were missing in action, somewhere between my room or my office. Then, in the end I put my choice on 1G’s Kingston Data Traveler with a price of Rp 60.000,00. You ask me why I didn’t want to buy the 2G ones (which only priced at Rp 90.000,00)? Simple, I don’t need that much space for now ^^

Okay, lets skip that part … what I want to write today is about a phenomenon I saw when I take a walk through the exhibition. Passing so many notebook stalls, I saw that almost all of the sample is using Linux as their operating system. I saw from some-new-brand like advan and forsa, until big market owner like Acer and HP is using Linux. You ask me about ubuntu? Yes! I saw some compaq V3000 and HP 520 series who displaying our so-familiar brown login screen. And of course what interesting is still the scenery of some people who stands between curious and lost desperately trying to operate Linux.

Now, let’s think … what would happened to those brown login screen as soon as a customer buy the notebook? Incredible! What pops on my head is “dear myself, of course it would changed into blue login screen with bling-bling and some windows logo on it. And you know? It won’t take long to the customer to decide to do so” … ironic huh? Linux is only used at exhibition, after that it’ll became history …

I remembered some time ago, when a lady suddenly called me and ask for help about her Ubuntu. Her problem is simple, but the idea about “who the hell is installing ubuntu to this lady? She is totally new user here!” is bugging me. After some chit-chat, I found out that the one who encourage her to use linux is the shop owner where she bought the notebook. Yup! Not her boyfriend, not her parents, not her friends, not some geek she found at the street, not some rules from the government, and definitely not me! And I were so glad to found out that there still a computer shop out there who care about linux.

This is what Linux needed. A marketer, a helper, someone who would speak for Linux, someone who are willing to sell linux on their product. And definitely not a geek who can’t speak in human language, but someone who know how to speak and of course understand what he’ve been talked about. Until now there is always a stigma that linux is all about playground for the experts. And we need to diminish that.

In the other side, I do believe that linux maybe still too hard for some people. Our society is grown in the ease of acquiring a software, and the ease of using a software. Linux maybe too hard for them, but I do believe that with a proper explanation and little bit of practice, even a dull-minded guy could use Linux in a few minutes (oh yes, maybe hours). For Linux developer, the most challenging part is to develop an operating system who easy to use yet secure and stable. And for Linux user (yeah, meeeeee!!!!! and youuuu!!!!!), isn’t it will be challenging to try transform ourself into a Linux seller??

Spread the penguins, and don’t let her only showed up on the exhibition.

History terminal saya

Abis jalan-jalan di, kok ngeliat di sana ada muncul banyak orang melakukan posting history meme (well, karena meme sendiri sedikit banyak orang akan menambahkan sebuah hurup dan menjadikannya jorok, maka judulnya saya ganti). Jadi ceritanya ini adalah menampilkan cuplikan perintah yang sering diketik di terminal …

So, here is mine …

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~$ history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head
189 sudo
60 cd
33 iwconfig
31 ls
17 ./
12 mysqldump
12 ifconfig
11 ping
10 ps
10 echo

Yak mari siapa yang melanjutkan … ^^

Evolution of Freedom

One of the writer on wrote this in the end of her article :

Nevertheless, if you are one of the lucky Ubuntu users to have a compatible PC with full ACPI support, more power to you. Hold on tight to it and help bring the Linux revolution to the masses. It just started. For real this time. The only way is up from now on.

Humm … then I started to think … with my Compaq M2232, plugged with Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft …

  • I got a fully supported CPU, with ACPI of course
  • Wifi is working out of the box (plus the LED is active)
  • Soundcard working well, with or without the headset
  • Graphic card is very very friendly with Beryl and her family
  • USB port, all of them is working well
  • SD card reader, working … not perfect,  but somehow it’s working
  • Modem, not yet tested but pretty sure it’s working
  • Ethernet card … working … full thrust!!!
  • Battery …. supported, I thin
  • Sony Ericsson w810i, worked and recognized well as modem and external drive

And still, lots of my friend can’t have the same condition like me …
Then … how much long should I wait for a stable and fully supported linux distribution? So what I get is what my friend will get. And promise me oh ye developer, ye won’t be sick listening to our weekly bug reports. And to ye, oh our mighty vendors, please open your door to the world of open source. Don’t make this distance between us grow. Come to us and lend us your hand, coz believe us, in the next few years this you-think-is-not-worth operating system will be more and more worth than those who live longer before us. Then wait for our evolution, the evolution of freedom.

Evolution is an imperfect and often violent process. A battle between what exists and what is yet to be born. In the midst of these birth pains, morality loses its meaning. The question of good and evil reduced to one simple choice: survive or perish  (Mohinder Suresh, Heroes, 2007)

Scim and Sunbird

Hurray, the pressure is gone…. This morning I gave some presentation about Ubuntu as Desktop at STMIK Amikom Jogjakarta. Not quite good as this is my first time giving a presentation in front of 200 peoples, but overall I gave my best for it. I tell them about Ubuntu, the philosophy behind it, and why Ubuntu is good for a begineer. Oh … another thing is, wow … there are lot of “cutey honey” at Amikom, can’t wait to go there again someday ^^

*no no no … I don’t want to talk about my presentation hihihihi … just wait for the photos (if there any)*

Okay, last Sunday I downloaded Sunbird and tried to make it run .. but it wont runT_T. There always this message appear after few seconds line 131: 5097 Segmentation fault "$prog" ${1+"$@"}

And I’m pretty confident that the same message did appear when I tried to run Firefox 2.0 in this same machine. So I started to think that this must have something to do with one of package installed in my notebook. Well, and after some googling I found out that the SCIM package is currently the single suspect for it. It is currently called everytime I tried to run sunbird. And the big thing is : It also happened on flock, thunderbird, firefox, and also acroread. Okay, being rushed I removed all package that have a SCIM on it (scim-canna, scim-anthy, and (oh how fool I am) skim) … and (again, how fool I am) it crashed my KDE. Oh well, after reinstalling scim and it’s family I found another way to prevent SCIM being loaded on calling sunbird. Just add this line of code after first line on sunbird executable script:


And here you go, Sunbird is running again. The same thing goes to Firefox 2.0 and Acrobat Reader.

*aahh … stil imagine the master of ceremony* ^^

Yet Another “Downloading Youtube File” Tips

Hi guys … here me again, with some recipe of how to save youtube video after you watch it.

Ingridients :

  1. Linux *of course*
  2. Mozilla Firefox (I didn’t support another coz this recipe is specific to it)
  3. Working Konsole
  4. Working clock
  5. ffmpeg (if you want to convert those flv’s to mpg’s)

How to cook :

  1. Open youtube and watch the video.
  2. After the video is completely downloaded,  check the time and remember it.
  3. It’s time to search for the cache file. For your information, firefox usually place the cache file in ~/mozilla/firefox/[some fuzzy-named directory, like mine is: jkxj5z89.default]/Cache/. Search the file by using this command : ls -la | grep [the_time_you_remember], ie: ls -la | grep 10:22. The file is usually sized more than 5Mb so keep an eye for this kind of file.
  4. After you get the file, convert it to mpeg using ffmpeg (this is also usable to check wether the file is the right media file), ie: ffmpeg -i CE1916F8d01 Yunnie-8-Karaoke.mpg
  5. Here you go … the file is ready

PS: Okay okay, there is another simple way to download it, you can use  youtube-dl script located here. It very very usable since the greasemonkey and KDE ways is unusable now.

Everything Canceled

Sssshhh … seems I’ve been so quiet this month huh? Everyone’s blog is talking about Edgy, Compiz, Ajax, Web 2.0, and many more while I’m stuck here with my daily activities. It somehow made me lost my appetite to write. Ah well, I must write somehow, I must write …

Tonight I’m gonna depart to Medan (again, yeah yeah yeah ….) until end of the month. Wew, you maybe think that I will enjoy this trip again, but errrr no …. This month there are two big “party” that I’ll missed because of this trip. The first is Jogjakarta Japan Art Festival and the second one is Edgy Release Party.

*doin nothing for about 15 minutes … see!!! I already lost my will to write :(( *

Ah well, better goin home and get prepared to work again … slurp ….