Linux == Exhibition Only??

Today I went to National IT eXpo, some computer exhibition at Jogjakarta Exhibition Center (JEC). My objective is simple, after three years spent my “IT-live” in no-flashdisk condition, today I want to buy one. The last flashdisk I owned were missing in action, somewhere between my room or my office. Then, in the end I put my choice on 1G’s Kingston Data Traveler with a price of Rp 60.000,00. You ask me why I didn’t want to buy the 2G ones (which only priced at Rp 90.000,00)? Simple, I don’t need that much space for now ^^

Okay, lets skip that part … what I want to write today is about a phenomenon I saw when I take a walk through the exhibition. Passing so many notebook stalls, I saw that almost all of the sample is using Linux as their operating system. I saw from some-new-brand like advan and forsa, until big market owner like Acer and HP is using Linux. You ask me about ubuntu? Yes! I saw some compaq V3000 and HP 520 series who displaying our so-familiar brown login screen. And of course what interesting is still the scenery of some people who stands between curious and lost desperately trying to operate Linux.

Now, let’s think … what would happened to those brown login screen as soon as a customer buy the notebook? Incredible! What pops on my head is “dear myself, of course it would changed into blue login screen with bling-bling and some windows logo on it. And you know? It won’t take long to the customer to decide to do so” … ironic huh? Linux is only used at exhibition, after that it’ll became history …

I remembered some time ago, when a lady suddenly called me and ask for help about her Ubuntu. Her problem is simple, but the idea about “who the hell is installing ubuntu to this lady? She is totally new user here!” is bugging me. After some chit-chat, I found out that the one who encourage her to use linux is the shop owner where she bought the notebook. Yup! Not her boyfriend, not her parents, not her friends, not some geek she found at the street, not some rules from the government, and definitely not me! And I were so glad to found out that there still a computer shop out there who care about linux.

This is what Linux needed. A marketer, a helper, someone who would speak for Linux, someone who are willing to sell linux on their product. And definitely not a geek who can’t speak in human language, but someone who know how to speak and of course understand what he’ve been talked about. Until now there is always a stigma that linux is all about playground for the experts. And we need to diminish that.

In the other side, I do believe that linux maybe still too hard for some people. Our society is grown in the ease of acquiring a software, and the ease of using a software. Linux maybe too hard for them, but I do believe that with a proper explanation and little bit of practice, even a dull-minded guy could use Linux in a few minutes (oh yes, maybe hours). For Linux developer, the most challenging part is to develop an operating system who easy to use yet secure and stable. And for Linux user (yeah, meeeeee!!!!! and youuuu!!!!!), isn’t it will be challenging to try transform ourself into a Linux seller??

Spread the penguins, and don’t let her only showed up on the exhibition.


Guys … let eat some rice, shall we?


This afternoon, I went to Jogjakarta Ubuntu Hardy Release Party meeting at UAD. When I arrived, the forum is currently talking about topic to be presented at the talkshow (yeah, this time we want some talkshow). And guess what? For a talkshow with “Linux and Women” as the main theme, almost all of the member is suggesting alternative topic about networking, hacking, creating server, etc etc … that have nothing to do with the main theme itself.

Make me wonder … aren’t you bored with topics like that? Everytime there is a seminar, talkshow, meeting, etc etc that have connection to Linux, it always smell the same. Hacking this, breaking there, sniffing that, building server here, wireless this, etc etc … and very few themes like kde/gnome basics, desktop beautification, introduction to repository, what-is-linux, openoffice tips, building FOSS-based company/office, etc etc. If this is the way linux is brought to the people, than hell no Linux will get some attention to non-technical user … Hell no Linux will get some attention from big company, and hell no I will get a job with Linux as it’s desktop environment instead as a server ^^

Back to the main theme. Okay, not that I’m judging that women can’t deal with those stuff, but okay … just tell me from 10 women you meet at the street (oh, not in your IT-related university street, but real street), how many of them can really understand those topics? Let me made it simpler, how many of them that ever dreaming about linux? Not many I think. Most women, that in my dream is perfect candidates for next generation Linux user, along with majority of Indonesian people is hardly know what Linux is. At school they were taught with M$ materials (which most of them is a result of piracy, yeah … even school is teaching about piracy, in the name of education), at office they were using M$, at home they always dealing with M$, and so on. This is the main idea. We want to introduce linux to people like this, someone who never touch Linux before. And as I remembered, Ubuntu Desktop is not-only-for-geek OS, as described here there are some point why Ubuntu Desktop is called Ubuntu Desktop, which somehow never taught deeply to the newcomers, coz the old-kids-on-the-block is busy dealing with hardcore matters (yeah, I must admit that I also too lazy to teach most of the time) …

So, guys … let stop eating meat, for this meantime let eat rice, shall we??

History terminal saya

Abis jalan-jalan di, kok ngeliat di sana ada muncul banyak orang melakukan posting history meme (well, karena meme sendiri sedikit banyak orang akan menambahkan sebuah hurup dan menjadikannya jorok, maka judulnya saya ganti). Jadi ceritanya ini adalah menampilkan cuplikan perintah yang sering diketik di terminal …

So, here is mine …

alvonsius@alvonsius-notebook:~$ history|awk ‘{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] ” ” i}}’|sort -rn|head
189 sudo
60 cd
33 iwconfig
31 ls
17 ./
12 mysqldump
12 ifconfig
11 ping
10 ps
10 echo

Yak mari siapa yang melanjutkan … ^^

Yes, Gutsy’s Broadcom is Somehow Have The Bug

Few days ago, Fajar told me a bug about Gutsy’s bundled Broadcom driver that can’t get IP address from Linksys WRT45GL access point. And he pointed me to Invaleed’s blog that have the solution for it. At first, as always, I did not put so much attention since normally my wireless is fine (been use it at my university and no problem exist). But, yes I did download the ndiswrapper source and Broadcom driver (thanks to Kosha for downloading it for me), just in case if I need it.

And yes!! Today it’s happened. When I tried to get IP address from Kosha’s access point, bump!! It fail all the time. Three time of reboot didn’t solve anything. So, immediate treatment is started. And now, I can write this blog using wireless connection …

Huff … so, now … what shall I download … ^^

Firefox won’t browse, an IPv6 issue

I just found a bug (or maybe just -not-for-this-time-technology-issue-) that causing my notebook won’t browse anywhere. I found this bug this morning when I’m trying to connect my notebook (which now become my father/sister notebook) on his office …

Here are the symptoms:

  1. I plugged the Wired LAN cable
  2. I succesfully connected to DHCP server
  3. I got an IP address
  4. But I can’t browse anywhere! Firefox keeps telling me that she is “Waiting for…”

So, with a little search on google (from another PC of course), I found that the bug is somehow associated with IPv6 DNS binding (or something like that, I’m not the expert here). So, the solution is go to Firefox, open “about:config” on the Address bar, and from the filter find “ipv6”. This will come with a line “network.dns.disableIPv6”. Double click that line so the Value will changed into “True” and restart Firefox.

Hope this will help someone ^^

PS: There is someone out there that suggesting if I want to disable ipv6 system-wide, then I should put a line “blacklist ipv6” on /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist. I still don’t know how to test this, but for now I think my Dad is only need Firefox to run properly …^^


With some googling again, I found another trick to disable IPv6 system-wide:

  1. Open /etc/modprobe.d/aliases
  2. Search for a line which have “alias net-pf-10 ipv6”, replace it with “alias net-pf-10 off #ipv6”
  3. Open /etc/hosts
  4. Comment out every line that have something to do with IPv6. In my case, I just comment out every line that have “ipv6”
  5. For safety reason (gyagyagya I just love saying this line), reboot your box

I try this setting plus the blacklist trick and re-disabled the Firefox configuration I tell you before, and it works. One thing is until now Pidgin still can’t connect to Yahoo. Try to solve this later …

Widescreen Support for DOTA

How to make DOTA played on 1280 x 800 resulution? Just open ~/.wine/user.reg and edit this line …

 [Software\\Blizzard Entertainment\\Warcraft III\\Video] 1205852133


I got this tip from this link.

And then there you go, widescreen support!!

PS:  00000320 is 800 in Hex, and 00000500 is 1280 in Hex.

Gutsy and Broadcom Wireless Driver on Lenovo G400

For you who may not have internet access on your Lenovo G400 notebook (coz the wireless driver is disabled and of course you need that wireless to be enabled to access the internet ^^) and want to install it manually, here are step-and -stop howto and links.

  1. Download  bcm43xx-fwcutter package from this link (just remember to pick the right driver for your architecture).
  2. Right click on the package you’ve downloaded and choose : open with “GDebi Package Installer”, and let Ubuntu install it for you
  3. Now download the broadcom firmware from here (PS: if this file has an owner, I’m really-really sorry if I have to re-upload it on another server coz I got it from my friend and he get it from bcm43xx-fwcutter automagic-download. If you are the owner or developer of it, and feel little bit angry for what I’ve done, please send me the right link for it).
  4. Open : System > Administration > Restricted Drivers Manager. As you may seen before, the Broadcom module is disabled. Click on the checkbox and Ubuntu will open a confirmation dialog. Answer Yes for the question and now Ubuntu bring you another dialog box.
  5. On that dialog box, there is an option to get the firmware from a file. Pick the file you’ve downloaded at step 3 and press OK.
  6. Now your wireless is recognize, just try enabling it from the button on the right of your notebook. If you see that the wireless LED indicator is on, then happy browsing dude !!!

And oh, yeah … my apologize if my example is specific on Ubuntu (gnome). But for Kubuntu and Xubuntu I think it not much differ that these steps I gave you. Just twist your mind a little bit ^^

Activating innoDB on LAMPP

Few days ago, Ronald told me that LAMPP doesn’t support innoDB by default. At that time I don’t believe what he said. So, when today I looked at my just-moved-database (yeah, since I already moved to a new machine, so I have to move my database as well), as you may already guess, I was somehow surprised knowing that all of my “used-to-be-innodb” tables was now becoming MyISAM. So, it is true that by default LAMPP doesn’t support innoDB. Darn, do I must compile everything now? Since I already re-compile PHP5 included in the package to disable the SOAP module.

After some googling, I found an article at Vavai’s blog about it … So what I must do is just open the file /opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf and find the line that contains “skip-innodb” and comment it.

1 … 2 … 3 … restart lampp … and here you go, an innodb supported lampp. Umm, of course I must re-deploy my database from the begining. Uh oh … off I go then …

PS: yeah!!! Forza Viola, they beat Juventus!!! 2 – 3 and bye bye Milan ^^

Ubuntu 7.10 on Lenovo G400

After three years using Compaq M2232, few days ago my father call me and said that want he to take it and use it for my sister (since she must go to college and need a computer). So, it means I must find a new one for me (*giggles*). So, last Friday I went to some store and find new notebook. And you may believe or not, I spent 2.5 hours standing in front of the list of model just to find out wich one to buy. At first I want to buy Acer 4920 (which have ultimate specification and features on it, as you may see here), or Compaq 3736 (less spec and feature than that Acer), Lenovo Y410, or Lenovo G400. Well in the end I made up my mind and pick Lenovo G400, with financial and of course operating system reason. Yeah! Just like my old notebooks, I didn’t want this notebook to know Windows from the beginning.
And I didn’t want to waste my money to some features that I might not use. Better use it for buying a new shoes ^^

So, there I go, Rp 6.300.000,00 for a black G400 plus added 1G RAM (wich make it 2G of RAM). Yayyy!!!

And here are the result …

  • Graphic Card is supported well, can run 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Sounds is supported, but with a little bit trick if I’m using headsets. The speaker on the notebook is still creating a sound (eventough only a small sounds) everytime the headphone jack is plugged. So, I must mute the Front speaker to disable that sound leakage.
  • Wireless must use the Restricted Driver Manager. Before it, I must install bcm43xx-fwcutter package so that Ubuntu could search for the right driver for it.
  • CPU Frequency Scaling is works. Just one little annoying bugs is somehow with this Core Duo architecture the fan wont stop spinning all the time. Checked with temperature monitor it only shows 50 celcius degree. Dunno why, but hope that it wont break the fan.
  • Multimedia button works, also volume and brightness button too.
  • Visual Effect runs
  • It fast!!!! 2G RAM is very very great! I could run both Eclipse and netbeans on the same time, plus with visual effect. Awesome ^^

Oh yea, and at last … I migrate to Gnome! Well, just looks for it’s minimalistic but elegant face. And of course, seeing KDE4 somehow dissapointed me T_T …

update: here are some screenshot