Failed to Track Full Route

Today I was planning to do a survey on one of Transjogja’s route. The objective is to get information about Geodetic Coordinate of some bus stop and do some route tracking. For this purpose, I use these tools:

  1. Portable GPS Receiver, which could transmit NMEA data by bluetooth. I use Holux M-1000, got a fair price and service at
  2. My beloved mobile phone, Sony Ericsson W810i, equipped with MobileTrailExplorer as GPS bluetooth data receiver, waypoint marker, and tracklogger.
  3. Viking GPS Data and Topo Analyzer (, so I could read the GPX data exported from MobileTrailExplorer on Ubuntu.
  4. Patient … a lot of patient, since I have to sit on the bus for about 2 hours (that’s average time for one lap).

The actual plan is I will pick route 3A as a target. Since this route is passing both my boarding house and my office, so I could start in the morning from bus stop near of my boarding house, and track the route until my office, stop there and go to work, and continue tracking on the afternoon from bus stop near my office and finish at my boarding house again (yeah, what a nice plan!!).

And the result is …

Actually what happened is not as smooth as I think. Okay, as you may see at the picture above, I only could track half of the route. Why is this happened? Well, technical reason … At Giwangan I saved the tracklog into memory stick (export it into GPX format – resulting that image), and then continue tracking. So far everything is fine, but the problem arise when the tracker application suddenly freeze when we arrived at East Ring Road (Disnaker) bus stop. That time I still could record the last waypoint there but after that the tracker application freeze. And I didn’t realized that happened until we are near of UPN bus stop. Darn … I don’t know what is the source, but when I try to connect it again to the GPS receiver, it is refused …

And so … the tracklog from Giwangan to Disnaker is lost! My great plan on recording a full track of a route is failed just when it’s about to come to the finish line. But it’s okay, since the waypoint records is still there, I could use them for some research preparation.

Tommorow I will track for route 2B, I must prepare everything better now … until then, stay healthy guys!!!

2 thoughts on “Failed to Track Full Route

  1. you such a..ehem ehem guy. i`m new in jogja so i think i might be need ur phone case i`m lost in transjogja route. 😉 hi salam kenal yaaah.

  2. wew, somebody is new in jogja … welcome to jogja then ^^

    salam kenal juga … semoga betah di jogja dengan segala keadaannya ^^

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