Welcome AIGLX

To be honest, I feel jealous for Andi, since he already feel the ultimate power of XGL on his box. Why I feel jealous?? Because I can’t run XGL with my small i915 card (I tried XGL before and believe me, you’ll never want to see your box suffered like that). Then few days ago Toni told me about this AIGLX and Beryl thing that runs nice animation (like mac .. i want to be like mac) on default onboard i915 intel cards. Well, gotta give it a try then. First attempt was to search at ubuntuforums and found this nice tutorial and this another one (i prefer the second coz it seem official). As you may think, it became a total failure!!! My desktop turn upsidedown and no respond to any click i gave … ssshhhh, should do the ultimate Ctrl+Alt+Backspace to kill X and login again …

Hemmm, after few days being curious and sick with AIGLX/Beryl (just like my good friend here too), I finally able to make Beryl run with AIGLX on my Kubuntu. The problem I found before is just because I didn’t follow the instruction exactly like the guys said there.  I didn’t do the update part coz I was too afraid i’ll broke something (stupid meeee!!!). Well, now my machine is cool …

Humm … I must read manual carefully from now on …

Hip hip hurrayyy … who needs Mac if you already have Beryl here huahahaha …. ^^

Wait … i can’t create a snapshot????!!!!??? Hihihi, then until I can make a  screenshot, just try to use Beryl on your box guys …. feel the new breeze of Linux :p

4 thoughts on “Welcome AIGLX

  1. haehaheeheh
    ada yg panas nih ceritanya 😛
    ini ini mana screenshotnya penasaran mau ngeliat gimana tampilan desktop om albert skr 😉

  2. bos ane coba di kompie ane koq nggak success yah?
    pass install nggak install emerald-themes karena dia udah otomatis keinstall pas install beryl
    abis restart gnome nggak bisa masuk x lagi, errrornya nggak ada driver i810 jadi gw ln -s /lupa/xserver /xserver-air. bikin link libnya xserver ke xserver-xorg-air, abis itu bisa login ke x
    aiglx seems udah keinstall, tapi pas jalanin glxgears keluar warning LibGL Warning: 3D driver claims to not support visual 0x4b
    jalanin beryl-manager tapi pas themesnya di klik koq ora mudeng yah???

    do i miss something??

  3. eh lupa warning itu ilang setelah option compositenya di disable

  4. Somehow animasi di Mac itu lebih enak diliat daripada Beryl..

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