Everything Canceled

Sssshhh … seems I’ve been so quiet this month huh? Everyone’s blog is talking about Edgy, Compiz, Ajax, Web 2.0, and many more while I’m stuck here with my daily activities. It somehow made me lost my appetite to write. Ah well, I must write somehow, I must write …

Tonight I’m gonna depart to Medan (again, yeah yeah yeah ….) until end of the month. Wew, you maybe think that I will enjoy this trip again, but errrr no …. This month there are two big “party” that I’ll missed because of this trip. The first is Jogjakarta Japan Art Festival and the second one is Edgy Release Party.

*doin nothing for about 15 minutes … see!!! I already lost my will to write :(( *

Ah well, better goin home and get prepared to work again … slurp ….

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