Activating innoDB on LAMPP

Few days ago, Ronald told me that LAMPP doesn’t support innoDB by default. At that time I don’t believe what he said. So, when today I looked at my just-moved-database (yeah, since I already moved to a new machine, so I have to move my database as well), as you may already guess, I was somehow surprised knowing that all of my “used-to-be-innodb” tables was now becoming MyISAM. So, it is true that by default LAMPP doesn’t support innoDB. Darn, do I must compile everything now? Since I already re-compile PHP5 included in the package to disable the SOAP module.

After some googling, I found an article at Vavai’s blog about it … So what I must do is just open the file /opt/lampp/etc/my.cnf and find the line that contains “skip-innodb” and comment it.

1 … 2 … 3 … restart lampp … and here you go, an innodb supported lampp. Umm, of course I must re-deploy my database from the begining. Uh oh … off I go then …

PS: yeah!!! Forza Viola, they beat Juventus!!! 2 – 3 and bye bye Milan ^^

3 thoughts on “Activating innoDB on LAMPP

  1. jangan lupa innodb_file_per_table biar gag makan space kalo drop/create database 😀

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    in the ass, of course.

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